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We create custom CNC products that tell your story.

The people we work with have a vision they want turned into reality.

What We do

We welcome wedding and event planners, small and large businesses, personal projects, and anyone else that needs a custom-created product.

Using our precision CNC router, we can 3-D carve solid wood, plywood, particleboard, plastics (acrylic, PVC, HDPE, ABS), solid surface (Corian), and even soft metals such as aluminum or brass.

Be it signage for your Mom’s farmhouse, giant lettering for a sales centre, branded beer tap handles, personalised décor, a prototype product, a custom ink stamp, or that huge LED neon alpaca for your wedding day; we’ve got you covered!


Communication, Collaboration, Design, Development, Fabrication, & Finishing

Our combined experience in architecture and theatre design is what makes our approach so unique.

It all starts with a quick chat; let us in on your vision. We want to hear about you, your ideas, where they come from, and how we can make it a reality.

We are experts in thinking outside of the box. By listening to you, we can help choose materials or brainstorm any design challenges to create the best product to suit your needs and budget.

We take what we learned and turn it into a virtual 3-D model so you can provide feedback. Once you are satisfied with the model, we create a render for your final approval before fabrication. Our goal is to ensure you are happy and confident that your pieces will be perfect!

Once a design is finalized and fabricated, we finish it to your specifications. Sanding, assembling and finishing, we carefully craft your pieces to be both aesthetically engaging and well considered so your story is heard loud and clear.


All quotes are free and flexible to suit the scale of your project.

Let’s have a chat and figure out how we can tell your story and bring your vision to reality.

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